How to Cut Disposable Diaper Cost

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The cost of swaddling a baby really adds up. Even “cheap” disposable diapers are expensive when you consider that your child will use thousands of diapers before potty training. It’s a necessary expense that can weigh heavily on your budget—most families have spent around $1000 in the first year alone. Here are some ways to cut diaper costs, plus a potential resource if families need extra support.

Reviewing Generic Brands

Regular diapers can be significantly cheaper than private label diapers. Some generic brands are pretty good choices, while others leave a lot to be desired. You can discover the most popular types of regular diapers by asking around or by looking at disposable diaper reviews online. Parents and caregivers often have strong opinions about diapers, and they are often willing to share their thoughts. Note, however, that different diapers may be more suitable for different babies.

Here are some of the most popular generic store brands and their average prices for a box of newborn diapers. Note that prices may vary depending on purchase quantity and size, store and price fluctuations.

  • Parents’ Choice (Walmart): $4.38 for 42 ($0.10 per diaper)
  • Up & Up (Target): $4.79 for 37 ($0.12 per diaper)
  • Gentle steps (Shared Dollar): $5.50 for 40 ($0.13 per diaper)
  • Member’s stamp (Sam’s Club): $14.98 for 108 diapers ($0.13 per diaper)
  • Mother bear (Amazon): $36.78 for 120 diapers ($0.30 per diaper)

Shopping tips

When shopping for regular or brand-name diapers at a store, carry a calculator with you (or use a calculator on your phone) so you can compare diaper prices across brands and sizes. different size.

Some store-brand diapers aren’t that great of a deal when you do the math. This can be especially true if branded diapers are marketed.

Buy diapers in bulk

In general, you’ll save money on diapers if you buy the largest pack you can find. However, this is not a hard and fast rule, so be sure to check the “per diaper” price. Sometimes, a discounted price or coupon on a particular size pack can give an immediate “buy in bulk” advice — in which case, take advantage of the offer. Bulk stores often charge very high prices for their diapers.

A popular choice is Costco’s Kirkland Signature diaper. A box of 192 size 1 diapers sells for $59.99, which is about $0.31 per diaper.

Even the more expensive eco-disposable diapers, such as Seventh Generation, can be purchased for less than $0.35 per diaper when you look for large packs. While it’s not a cheap diaper in general, it’s definitely cheaper than what you’ll shell out for the smaller packs. If your baby is sensitive to other diapers, the cost can become relative.

Branded diapers also usually cost less when you buy a large box. Pampers Cruisers, when purchased in a small pack of 44 diapers can cost around $0.61 per diaper. Buying a 124-pack for $42.99 brings the price down to $0.34 per diaper. Among store brands or regular diapers, you can still save a few cents per diaper by purchasing a larger pack, which can save you $100 or more in just the first year of your life. your child.

Use coupons

Coupons can take effort, but if you can get really cheap diapers, it’s worth the effort. To find great diaper deals, you can try signing up for notifications on some of the online coupon sites. often has printable diaper coupons for big-name brands. also has printable coupons by store, plus you can search online for coupon codes for many diaper stores.

Shopping tips

Check the website of your favorite diaper brand to see if they have sample coupons or offers to print. Many brands offer these opportunities to save periodically, so it’s a good idea to check back every few months.

A legendary cheap diaper sale happened at Walgreens when multiple coupons and in-store offers could be combined. The end result is that each diaper costs less than a penny. Getting notified of coupons and deals really helps these super savers, as they can plan ahead to visit multiple stores and collect coupons to combine together for a great price. best.

If you like a particular brand of diaper, try asking your friends and family for coupons for that brand. Look for stores that offer double sale days so you can maximize any savings you find.

Also, look into store-specific thrift or price-matching apps. The Target’s Circle app allows you to earn rewards and gain access to deals, and Walmart’s Savings Catcher will check prices at other stores and refund the difference if necessary.

Using the Diaper Subscription Service

The internet has made comparing prices and finding cheap diapers even easier. Many online stores offer large packs of disposable diapers, and when these are combined with free shipping, you can save quite a bit of money. Plus, if you join a subscription program, you can save both time and money with discounts and no need to go to the store.

Some retailers like Amazon and Target offer discount subscription programs on diapers and other items when you sign up for automatic delivery of your favorite brands on the schedule you want. There are also diaper companies that offer subscription packages that are often discounted (and sometimes have free add-ons like wipes or other baby products).

Some are online-only brands like Dyper and Abby & Finn, while some can be found in stores as well as through their online subscriptions like Hello Bello and Honest Company.

Many of these newer brands also offer significant discounts and offers on first purchases. If you’re not loyal to a particular brand (or you simply haven’t found your favorite yet), you can use these first-time offers to try several different brands while saving money. save money.

Consider other swaddling options

Cloth diapers are traditionally a cheaper diaper option that might work for your family. Although there is an upfront cost associated with purchasing essentials, cloth diapers can be purchased second-hand and reused many times, potentially for many children.

Inexpensive and pleated cloth diapers are among the most economical cloth diaper options. Several new all-in-one hybrid and cloth diaper systems offer convenience and flexibility, but make sure you calculate the cost of whichever diaper system you choose. A large number of the most expensive cloth diapers may not save you much money.

With cloth diapers, you also have to calculate the cost (and time required) for the laundry. If you have to pay for laundry, cloth diapers may not be the most cost-effective option. Some laundromats also have a policy not to wash diapers. If your child is in day care, you may also need to check with your child care provider to see if they are ready to handle cloth diapers. Some don’t.

In terms of diaper savings, some parents skip diapers altogether for the first few weeks. This process is called elimination communication (EC) or infant potty training. Parents who use EC try to learn their baby’s subtle signals that they need to urinate or defecate, and then they carry the baby to the toilet rather than letting the baby use the diaper.

When you need help buying diapers

Then there are times when even the best diaper deals aren’t enough for a living. If you’re having a hard time keeping your baby in diapers despite trying some of the strategies above, there may be help in your community.

Some local food banks or community pantry sites accept diaper donations and distribute them to families in need. The Women’s, Infants and Children’s (WIC) Office of Special Supplemental Nutrition and other federal program sites do not usually cover diaper purchases, but they can connect you with diaper supplies. Some communities now have diaper banks that organize diaper drives and actively seek diaper donations for families in need. Your pediatrician can also help you buy cheaper diapers.

A very good word

The rapid accumulation of diaper costs can surprise many new parents. While it can be a little daunting to cover the cost of so many diapers, there are ways to buy diapers for less. And if you’re having a hard time paying for them, there are resources out there that can help.

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